Repurposing waste to reduce environmental impactSustainability is a key focus in manufacturing and for the future of our natural resources. The pressure placed on companies to reduce their environmental impact on the world is consistently increasing. Aqua/Fuel Services develops creative solutions to utilize waste and by-products for reuse in other areas. The ultimate goal of reducing and minimizing the use of landfills is something we are involved with every day. We have repurposed many streams that were once considered waste and changed them to viable reuse products.

Beneficial Reuse avoids depletion of natural resources by repurposing waste and by-products to minimize the environmental impact.

  • Specializing in by-product and co-product placement
  • Spent caustics/acids
  • Food products
  • Animal feeds
  • Obsolete inventories
  • Plastics recycling
  • Packaging recycling
  • Consumer products

Zero Landfill through Repurposing

We service many clients with a zero landfill policy, developing creative solutions to utilize waste and by-products for reuse in other areas of industry.